Wildlife Biologist

Dear Keri Lejeune:

As a wildlife biologist, I strongly support the proposed amendments to LAC 76:XV.101.

These amendments would provide important protections for reptiles and amphibians in Louisiana, including:

  • Protect native populations by improving licensing and reporting requirements for commercial amphibian and reptile dealers and collectors;
  • Strengthen and streamline rules on keeping potentially dangerous animals, like very large constrictors or venomous snakes;
  • Prohibit wildlife-killing contests that target amphibians and reptiles;
  • Ensure that captive animals are held in environments that promote their well-being; and
  • Protect native populations from disease and other risks by prohibiting unauthorized release or relocation of captive or wild animals;
  • Minimize negative impacts on individual animals or populations from scientific research;
  • Protect native turtles from overharvesting;
  • Strengthen protections for rare species;
  • Prohibit new acquisition of certain exotic species that can decimate native wildlife when they escape.

I believe that these amendments will contribute significantly to preserving native wildlife and the integrity of our ecosystems. Your support for these measures is vital in fighting the extinction crisis.

Thank you for your dedication to the protection of wildlife.