Sonoran mountain kingsnake
Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake

Why relocation (long-distance translocation) doesn’t work

Reviews of the scientific literature:

Dr. Erika Nowak has studied rattlesnake relocation for many years and probably knows more about this topic than anyone else. Read (or listen) to her summarize the problems with relocation here: NAU Herpetologist Studies Rattlesnake Relocation.

Need more details on why relocation isn’t the best option for snakes? Dr. Nowak provides them in this article.

Ready for a deep-dive? Dr. Erika Nowak explored the science of snake translocation in her March 2022 episode of Snakes Are Everything. Watch her presentation, Snakes Are Survivors!

But what if I don’t care about the snakes? Dr. David Steen outlines Why it Doesn’t Make Sense to Kill Venomous Snakes in your Yard, even if you’re primarily concerned with the safety of you, your kids, and your pets.

Other facts from the Snake Country Guides

” More snakes = less disease!”

Timber rattlesnakes indirectly benefit human health: Not-so-horrid top predator helps check Lyme disease.
Timber Rattlesnakes may reduce incidence of Lyme disease in the Northeastern United States.
Also see a full list of diseases transmitted directly and indirectly by rodents from the CDC.

“vipers (rattlesnakes, copperheads, cottonmouths) are more effective at controlling prey populations than bird or mammal predators.”

How viper behavior increases their effect on prey populations.

“Still don’t want vipers for neighbors? Make friends with other snakes! “

Kingsnakes Keep Copperheads in Check.

“Snakes presumed dead can and do bite.”

Decapitated Snake Head Nearly Kills Man.

“Shooting snakes can result in people getting shot because their size and shape make them easy to miss.”

Oklahoma Police Kill 5-Year Old Boy While Shooting at Snake.