Snake Country Survival Guide (WILL 2022)

I’m so excited you’ve decided to take this class! And who am I? I’m Melissa, co-founder and Executive Director of ASP (read more about me and ASP’s board members here).

I created this page to have a single place to put anything that comes up in class, instead of emailing around a bunch of links. And this page will continue to be available, though may change the next time we teach a WILL class.

A hiker steps near Henry, a Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake, at a trailhead.
A hiker steps near Henry, a Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake, at a trailhead.

Keeping Dogs Safe in Snake Country

Here’s our page with all the information we discussed, and much more, on dogs and snakes.

A Tale of Two Trash Snakes

In August, 2018, we were blessed by one of the most exciting and interesting wildlife observations in recent memory -– and it happened right in our yard here in Silver City, NM!

A preview of A Tale of Two Trash Snakes.

Regional Online Field Guides

We created a field guide on iNaturalist: Snakes of Grant County, New Mexico. This guide includes all the snake species documented in Grant County or close enough that they may occur here. Just want a species list? We got you covered.

You can also join or explore our project, Snakes & Lizards of Grant County, to learn about our local squamates (fancy word for snakes and lizards). This project includes all observations of snakes and lizards reported to iNaturalist. Add yours and get feedback to get better at identification.

No hands, no legs, but some snakes are still excellent diggers, like this Western Patch-nosed Snake.

ASP Local Services

Find out more about free snake identification, property consultations, and more.

Mohave Rattlesnakes

There are always lots of questions about Mohaves. Here is our FAQ.

Snake Country Guides

The content of this course is based on these guides. If you’d like printed versions, please let me know.